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Covering the intersection of Immigration and People experience teams. Including topics such as, Process Visibility, Legal Accessibility, Self-Service, Benefits Programs

Optimizing Visibility into Digital Immigration Processes for Employees 

You have built a strong foundation for immigration process management, ensuring all stakeholders have proper visibility into open workflows. You can begin to optimize it by reviewing results, soliciting feedback, and implementing improvements that will ensure you have a functional and effective immigration program suited to your specific Talent and People Operations needs.

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Maintaining a Predictable Immigration Benefits Program

You have developed a mature immigration program with a well-documented immigration policy. Your emerging immigration program has evolved into one that helps you attract and retain international talent for positions that might have otherwise gone unfilled. Now, you may be looking for more ways to bolster your existing practices and deliver more comprehensive benefits to your international employees and their families. 

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Taking Your Emerging Immigration Benefits Program to the Next Level

Though you may already provide international employees with some guidance and support for their immigration journey, you have identified some opportunities to step up the communication and support you offer. Currently, you can ensure international employees get answers to their immigration questions, but you want a more consistent and proactive approach to meeting their needs.

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Upgrading a Chaotic Benefits Communications Process

As you incorporate international hiring into your talent acquisition strategy, you need an effective way to help your international employees navigate the immigration process. But if the benefits communication process is chaotic or uneven, your international employees will be unclear about the immigration assistance available to help them.

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Optimized Immigration Programs Offer Complete Accessibility 

Now that you’ve established a predictable immigration journey for your international employees, all that’s left to do is gather data and use it to continuously improve. Of course, making data-driven refinements comes with its own set of challenges, but it’s an easier process than what it took for your team to leave a chaotic program behind.

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Celebrate Offering Better Accessibility & Employee Experience

When you leave behind a chaotic immigration process, you begin to offer your international applicants and employees greater visibility and access to legal information. Knowledge and the ability to ask questions can do wonders to reduce the anxiety of the journey, even if it’ll never be totally stress-free.

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