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Pertaining to the intersection of Immigration and People experience teams. Including, but not limited to, Process Visibility, Legal Accessibility, Self-Service, Benefits Programs

Maintaining a Predictable Immigration Benefits Program

You have developed a mature immigration program with a well-documented immigration policy. Your emerging immigration program has evolved into one that helps you attract and retain international talent for positions that might have otherwise gone unfilled. Now, you may be looking for more ways to bolster your existing practices and deliver more comprehensive benefits to your international employees and their families. 

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Taking Your Emerging Immigration Program to the Next Level

Though you may already provide international employees with some guidance and support for their immigration journey, you have identified some opportunities to step up the communication and support you offer. Currently, you can ensure international employees get answers to their immigration questions, but you want a more consistent and proactive approach to meeting their needs.

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Upgrading a Chaotic Benefits Communications Process

As you incorporate international hiring into your talent acquisition strategy, you need an effective way to help your international employees navigate the immigration process. But if the benefits communication process is chaotic or uneven, your international employees will be unclear about the immigration assistance available to help them.

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How to Read a Visa Bulletin

Discover how to read a visa bulletin and what it means for you.

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An HR Perspective: 5 Ways to Implement a Successful Immigration Program

Global mobility speaks to a cognitive and cultural commitment to diversity. From multinational corporations to startups, the challenges of attracting, hiring, and retaining top international talent has remained a constant. Discover 5 ways to help you create and develop a strong immigration program.

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Alternative Visas to Consider If You Didn't Get Selected in the H-1B Cap Lottery

With USCIS recently completing the H-1B Cap lottery selection for the 2021 fiscal year, a top priority for our clients is exploring alternate employment-based visa options for employees who were not selected. Find out some alternatives visas to explore that may apply to your situation.

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