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Bridge Has Joined Forces With Boundless Immigration

At Bridge, our mission is to make global immigration a frictionless experience. That's why we're excited to announce that Bridge is now part of Boundless Immigration.

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Announcing Our New Partnership with Drafted

Bridge has partnered with Drafted, a leading recruiting marketplace, to help Next Act candidates reaching 5,000+ recruiters.

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Smarter Immigration for the Modern Workforce

The immigration landscape is evolving with many changes over the past few years: dramatic directional shifts in government policies and preferences, and in how companies go about finding and engaging international employees. Taken together, these trends represent a clear departure from the traditional status quo.

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Immigration a la Carte: Unbundling Immigration Legal Services

"Unbundled" legal services involve attorneys performing specific, discrete tasks for a client after the client completes part of their own legal work.

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Hacking Immigration

When I first heard about Chicago's MigraHack event, it was clear that this was an event LexSpot had to participate in.

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