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Latest News on Immigration

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Changes to H-1B Lottery Selection Process

USCIS published a final rule changing the H-1B cap-subject selection process (“H-1B Lottery”). Find out the changes to this rule and what you can expect.

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Trump's Final Days: AILA's Prediction on Proclamations and Regulatory Actions

It is widely anticipated the Trump administration will publish as many final regulations and extensions of proclamations as possible before January 20th to make longer-lasting policy changes. Learn more about AILA's predictions regarding employment-based immigration policies.

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DOL Wage Litigation Results

Learn about our partnering law firm and client's recent win in the United States District Court against the Department of Labor's new prevailing wage determinations.

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Tips for the H-1B Lottery: How to Prepare

While USCIS has yet to confirm the exact process that will follow for the 2021 H-1B Cap lottery, here are some helpful tips based on last year’s system to help companies prepare for next year’s process.

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Immigration Training for Recruiters

Out on the front lines in the "war" for talent, recruiters play a critical role in accelerating growth and mitigating risk for organizations looking to hire technical talent. Considering some of the macro and micro factors influencing the STEM talent market and the competitiveness felt by organizations hiring in this climate, we unpack a few strategies for ensuring greater alignment across the organization.

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How Long Does an H-1B Visa Last & Can It Be Extended?

An H-1B visa is a non-immigrant visa used by U.S. companies who wish to employ foreign workers in occupations that require college degrees or their equivalency.

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