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Latest News on Immigration

Tips for the 2022 (FY 2023) H-1B Lottery

An overview of what is the H-1B lottery, how the H-1B lottery process works, which employees might qualify and some key dates to consider for the FY2023 H-1B lottery

Employee Spotlight: Introducing Carson Harder-Hyde, a Support Technician joining the Bridge team

Introducing Carson Harder-Hyde, a Level 3 Support Technician who recently joined Bridge

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Presenting the Job Bank - A new Bridge Feature

We are releasing the Job Bank feature to improve role standardization, forecasting, and talent management within your immigration workflows.

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How to Know if You are Cap-Exempt From H-1B Lottery

Who qualifies as Cap exempt in the H-1B lottery? We aim to clarify who and who doesn’t qualify for the H-1B lottery and how to how your organization might be able to create a more predictable talent funnel. As the number of applicants for H-1B lottery increases, finding alternative immigration strategies to fill talent gaps becomes increasingly important for growing teams. 

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Recruiting an H-1B Employee?  3 Things to Know About Start Dates during the H-1B Transfer Process

When can an international candidate start? Or how soon can she start working with us is among the most common questions we receive when working with HR and Talent teams. The answer is a little more complicated than determining a date for non-visa counterparts. We explore a few scenarios for visa and non-visa holders and recommended start dates.

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H-1B Cap 2022 (FY 2023) How the Process Works on Bridge

Discover what is the H-1B cap lottery process is and how it works on the Bridge platform.

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A to Z Guide for Aligning Immigration and People Operations

An HR guide for measuring immigration programs and helping People teams to benchmark their immigration function.

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