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Latest News on Immigration

October Visa Bulletin Updates

On September 24th, the Department of State released their October 2020 visa bulletin that dictates when foreign nationals are eligible to file their Adjustment of Status (Form I-485) applications and new filing dates for EB-1, EB-2, and EB-3.

3 Ways to Tell if Your Company is Ready for a Strategic Approach to Immigration

When is the right time to invest in strategic immigration, and how can a company tell when it's ready to get proactive? Many employers find themselves in a state of analysis paralysis grappling with the idea that strategic immigration is the right approach for them but uncertain of when it makes sense to begin that project. Here are three ways to tell when you're ready to take your immigration program to the next level.

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DOL Wage Rules Litigation FAQs

ImmiPartner will be co-counseling Wasden Banias to pursue litigation against the newly implemented DOL wage rules. Here are answers to FAQs regarding this opportunity.

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Behind the Scenes with the Bridge Product Team: Data Management

Listen as we go behind the scenes with Jess Callery, Product Manager of Bridge, and Forrest Blount, CTO and Co-Founder of Bridge, as they answer questions related to their Q4 strategy which includes exciting advancements to data management, the power of moving away from spreadsheets, giving teams more transparency, and how they are turning the lens towards preparing Bridge for SaaS.

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Not Equal in America: My Immigration Story

Our drive to lead with empathy is born from the experiences of immigrants on the team at Bridge. Bridge Sales Development Representative, Chidinma "Dinma" Molokwu, immigrated to America from Nigeria. Her story sheds a light on the challenges immigrants face to be seen as equals in America.

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Navigating Election Season as Non-US Citizen

At Bridge, we’re extending resources for all international employees to safely and effectively exercise their rights in supporting causes about which they are passionate. Learn more about how non-citizens can participate in this election season.

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Harnessing the Power of a Strategic Immigration Program

We dive into why companies who intentionally invest resources into a strategic immigration program are able to successfully outmaneuver and overcome obstacles that many transactional programs are facing today.

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